1000 Views of the Land of the Free

Today is the day this blog reached over 1,000 views from the USA!

This means that one in three views is from America!

(You’re catching up with my UK audience, by the way: on 12/10 last year, the U.S. had 337 views & the U.K. had 1,005. Today you have 1,024 views but the UK has only 1,448. It’s beginning to feel competitive!)

Many thanks to one and all. It’s really pleasing that my blog is being read around the world only 5 months after it all began and I’m grateful for all your support.

It’s been a great start to the New Year. I think 2013 is going to be a good one.

Here’s the score sheet so far:

  • 3,156 views in total (I’m stunned!)
  • 54 countries (just, Wow..!)
  • 186 WordPress followers, (why not join in the fun?)
  • 164 comments (I love to hear from you!)
  • over 400 likes (maybe you like to hear from me too?)
  • I’m starting to get ‘shares’ as well so feel free to share this blog or any of its posts on Reddit, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter or any of the other share buttons below.The more the merrier.
when as if from nowhere...

let the fun begin…

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