and so it begins

How can words possibly have that amount of power. It’s fascinated me throughout my life, through a career in Sales and Sales Management using no more than words to increase business, meet targets, earn enough to live a comfortable life, making sure that people buy the things they know they need but don’t want to think about.

Yet words and thoughts can bring as much pain and sorrow as they can happiness and contentment. I’m at a crossroads. It’s time to learn more about what words can do. I turned away from the main road last year, taking redundancy and setting a business in technical support. It fulfils in its own way but I miss the chance to develop people.

I’m now training in Cognitive Hypnotherapy. I’m captivated by what I’m learning, the skills I’m acquiring and cannot believe the effect it’s having. If this has half the potential that I can already see, then who cares about the crossroads. This could go anywhere. Why not follow me. You might be surprised.

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