Journey’s End?

It occurs to me that the course last the weekend may contain more benefit than I had imagined. Even though life is more than full of its unfair share of challenges, I’ve still warily taken on, in a semi-volunteering style, the role of leader for the next period of putting learning into practice until the start of the module that I’m not certain I’ll be attending.

In itself this is an improvement because until recently, I was certain that I wouldn’t be attending it at all.

Anything more than nothing is progress.

Not only that, I posted yesterday’s 100 word habit on my PostsOfHypnoticSuggestion blog and got back comments from bloggers I’ve not heard from since writing went by the wayside just as last year’s turbulence hit.

It was really nice to know I’d been missed.

It seems that the end of my journey to Master Practitioner could be the start of something more than a qualification.

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Somewhat Zen
© Tony Burkinshaw 2014

2015: The journey begins with 100 words (or more)

100 Words

Almost without realising it I’ve begun the process. Habits come and go. Best intentions disappear and we move on.

The trick apparently is to find those smaller differences, you know, the ones that make all the difference. Choose them well.

Align them with your key character strengths and you end up feeding that part of you that yearns for flow. I can feel echoes of that future me who’s already found himself there, feeding those feelings back to me sitting here now trying to touch type.

I’m using one of those Stickies on my desktop. Usually they’re yellow but this one’s green. It seemed to be important at the time.

I have 5 new habits written on it in bold.

4 are ticked.

I’m just about to tick the fifth.

Day 1 done.

Fractal Tree? © Tony Burkinshaw 2012

Fractal Tree?
© Tony Burkinshaw 2012

The journey has begun.