Oh my God! It’s 1984…

There seem to be two trends in Yuletide blogging for 2012. The first is a recap of the respective blogger’s adventurous achievements during the year and the second is a variety of musings on the topic of the end of the world and the accuracy of Mayan prediction.

I’m more than happy to leave the second one to work itself out and propose to jump skilfully past it by writing this post early and scheduling it to publish at 9.30 a.m. on Saturday 22nd December 2012. If it did publish and you’re sitting here on Saturday morning reading it, then either the Mayans were wrong, you’re an alien or more likely, interpretations of the implications of the end of the Mayan Calendar sequence were quite simply way over the top and worthy of the exaggerative tendencies of modern media.

If you’re not reading this, then maybe the world did end as per. Even more likely though, you quite simply don’t know that this post is here and are happily getting on with your pre-Christmas weekend, [please be aware that other good religious/non-religious Festivals are available], blissfully unaware that there is a sentence in this post specifically written for people who will never read it. Unless the Mayans were right and all of this post was inadvertently written for multiple unseeing eyes.

In terms of achievements there have been quite a few, at least in my eyes, which are still all-seeing for the moment, although those who’ve achieved these same achievements before me probably just see them as steps on the road. For me, the journey has not long begun and there’s still a heck of a way to go.

So, where to start? I’m told that lists work well in blogs and as I’ve not used one yet, now seems as good a time as any.

In no particular order;

My Pre/Post End-of-the-World Top Ten list

  1. I got published yesterday! Only in a small way, but I’m still chuffed to bits. The Quest Institute has published the very first issue of its quarterly e-zine  ‘Perception‘. As far as I know, this is the only therapy magazine focussing on the public as its readership. Check it out. It’s really good, not least because I have an article in it!
  2. I passed my Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, which has been a recurring theme of this blog, so the World had better watch out if it survives.
  3. I created a Facebook page for the blog which now has 49 likes. Not a huge number but I’m still proud of the fact that it’s growing steadily. Feel free to join in. There’s a button to click over to your right…
  4. I have readers in 40 countries! I have no idea how you all found out about me but you’re very welcome!
  5. Nearly 2,000 views since the blog began in August. By the time you read this, I hope to have surpassed the 2,000 mark. It is actually 1984 at the time of writing, lending itself neatly to the title spot in this post and allowing a literary and musical reference to appear in one go, albeit that neither author of the aforementioned title actually used their real names. Maybe I should go all pseudonyminal as well. Apparently my daughter’s friends are calling me Tony Snake-Eyes – what do you think?
  6. Over 1,000 view from the UK alone. Now this makes sense as I live in the UK but as WordPress is international, how does anyone else know where I live?
  7. Over 130 readers are now following the blog on WordPress. This is one that I am especially proud of. The face that so many of you like what I’m writing enough to want to find out when I publish something new is pretty damn inspiring. Thank you.
  8. Not directly connected to the blog but I have finally joined in with Social Media. I now have 71 Twitting followers and 260 Facebooking friends. I’m thinking of becoming a cult. (Is that something I need therapy for?)
  9. My best ever viewing day was last Thursday, when for no apparent reason, the blog got 90 views. Somehow loads of my previous posts were picked up and read by someone(s). If I could replicate that, this blog would really take off.
  10. Probably the most inspiring of all is that I have found volunteers to help me practice the skills I’ve spent the last 3 months telling you about. I’ve helped people overcome hayfever, chronic back pain, migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain and more. Somehow, when people talk to me and I talk to them… they get better. If you’d like to join in, I’m turning professional next year!

Anyway, assuming that the Mayans let us get there in one piece, 2013 is looking good. Why not keep in touch and let’s see how we all get on?

I'm listening...© Tony Burkinshaw 2012

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