Be mindful of the moment. That’s life.

There’s been a bit of a lull in the proceedings. There’s been a lot of time and a lot of effort put in although looking back quite a bit of that effort wasn’t productive. You know the sort of thing. Thinking about what to do. Considering options. Mindful about which option to act on first. Getting anxious because the options that have been pursued haven’t come to fruition yet.

Too much talk. Not enough action. Not like me at all, is it?

But if what I’ve earned is anything to go by, what I think is going on isn’t what is really going on. It’s what my brain has let me see, carefully filtered through its multiple reality tunnels to ensure that the view of the world that I get is the view of the world I expect to see. By the way, having spent the earlier part of last year thinking my preferred rep systems were Audio Digital and Kinaesthetic in equal measure, you might have noticed how my long winded diatribes tend to err on the visual. The more I peel off the layers, the more I see. See what I mean? Weird. I guess it’s what you might call growth.

Anyway, much of what I’ve done has been behind the scenes, deep level groundwork for the future. And it’s revealed some really interesting aspects of my work which I guess are going to change the structure of what I do.

As time has passed, I find myself less engaged with fertility issues. This is both from a personal perspective in that my initial interest in this area, ringing bells from as far back as my human biology O-Level, (as those exams used to be called back in the dim and distant), has waned somewhat and whilst I would still love to work with fertility clients as and when they come along, it isn’t something that I now feel any passion to actively pursue. There is also the not-so-minor factor that very few clients seem to want to talk to me about it. Maybe one feeds the other. Quite likely really.

On the other hand, I find more and more that the things I think, say and do around pain, especially chronic pain, persistent migraine and so on, resonate with people around me. And it seems to be having an effect. The neuropathy of pain is fascinating as are the psychological issues that can both cause and feed it. It seems to me as if Cognitive Hypnotherapy was designed to wrap up the science together with each individual’s personal experience and re-work it, re-programming the various unconscious minds involved to re-think their position, if you’ll pardon the multitudinous use of re, until the need to use pain as a protective warning bell becomes redundant. It takes some persuasion to convince the unconscious mindset but time is one our side. An unconscious that’s convinced itself of chronic is in it for the long haul. Small steps. Big changes.

I’ve posted a couple of times on the combination of Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques and my many (many, many) years of experience developing people in Financial Services. Isn’t it strange how with all this education, people quite simply haven’t learned how to learn. In my own small way, I aim to change this. Oddly, the next most active person I know of in this field lives only a few miles up the road from me. I initially thought this was a distinct disadvantage but the more I let it ferment in my sometimes fertile mind, the more I think this could be an invaluable opportunity. I have no idea how as yet but it sits there smiling at me. Perhaps we should talk. What do you think?

I’ve also found myself speaking with some inspiring individuals. Sue made an appearance here last week and in between times I’ve been to see Kate, an ad-hoc acquaintance from the gym who, as it turned out is not only a hypnotherapist but teaches people to fire-walk of all things. All of a sudden, one of those ambitions that never really was an ambition just a something that you might have done had you lived another life has slammed itself down on my time-line. I just can’t picture it yet, thereby giving more confirmation of the visual, just in case you felt the need for more. Sounds good, doesn’t it? (Did you notice what I did there?)

So now that the 4 year old with the fear of rejection has made himself heard again, thoughts keep spinning their way around and every now and then I hear the distinct clunk of important changes slotting themselves into a more secure place.

For reasons which will become apparent in a few weeks, I’ve been looking more and more at mindfulness.It has been a useful piece of research. The shouts from the past are getting quieter and I can pay them attention much more on my terms rather than theirs. It is also more noticeable that the scenarios my quite active imagination was in the habit of playing out around how my future could fall apart at a moment’s notice have quietened down too. They’re still there and they’re still stronger than I would like them to be but day by day, the focus I place on the now is taking hold.

By pure coincidence, right at this moment, my headphones are singing to me that;

‘It’s hard to imagine

That nothing at all

Could be so exciting

Could be this much fun…’.

Mindfulness. All those years ago. No wonder they were (and still are) my all time favourite. Not only that, my daughter Rachael went to see David on Tuesday. Jealous? Who me?

Actually, much to my surprise, I wasn’t. I was delighted.

With new views on life I sat down with Katherine and re-worded the website last week. It should go live within a couple of days. I can’t wait. The wording is less, well, wordy. I haven’t found the visuals I want yet but I’ll keep looking and they can get added in later. I’m trying out a different take on fees as well. Times are tough and I want to be more accessible than perhaps I have been. First session free. Discuss fees when potential clients have had a chance to talk to me and find out more about what they would actually be paying for. It might put the fee more into context. Words on screens are less able to achieve that.

All in all, much change is afoot. There are things to do. Fears to overcome.

The past has had its go. The future is out there, waiting.

And after all I’ve learned, I find that I’m happy being right here, right now.

Enjoying the present for what it really is:

My life.

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Learning the hard way?

The road to success is paved with whatever the hell they decided to put there to trip you up and teach you a lesson. Learn the hard way. The point is, I’m slowly getting more adept at spotting the obstacles and gently meandering my way around them. I can’t quite make up mind as to whether my lack of headlong dash is down to external or internal barriers and given that I nearly know what I’m talking about, it’s almost certainly both.

You see, those of you who’ve been here before, (deliberately ambiguous, although neither syntactic, phonological nor punctuation in variety, just plain could mean something else depending on your viewpoint and right now I can’t recall the correct adjective, (or is it adverb), modifier), will understand, which is in itself a mind-read, that one of my underlying objectives in this not-so-rapidly approaching future is not to work too hard.

Herein lies one of the difficulties in my plan. Negative objectives are counter-productive and invariably fire off in the opposite direction to the one intended, unless of course you subscribe to reading between the lines and then of course it is firing off in the direction intended, just not the direction I was consciously thinking of at the time. Self-sabotage and all that.

If I don’t want to work too hard I have to hold in the back of my mind a concept, picture, cerebral noise or whatever the particular modality of choice happens to elicit in order to be able to know whether I am indeed working too hard or not. And of course if I hold this in my mind, two things happen. I subscribe to the don’t-cycle-into-that-tree targeting beloved of parents who then have to contend with the grazed knees of 5 year olds who conscientiously concentrated on that very tree so hard that the inevitable became, well, inevitable. Or I achieve my objective by doing everything except working hard. And in order to ensure that this done with style, the only way to be certain is not to work enough. Bugger.

Obviously this is not what I wanted so I now work towards enjoying how I earn a living, no matter how much or little time that happens to take up. After all, time is not really the issue. Lifestyle is the issue. Week by week, my time is becoming more and more my time. Hooray.

Unfortunately, the general public, (not you of course), doesn’t appear to have heard of me in sufficient numbers as yet. At least not to the point of any sort of self-sustainability. Despite multiple efforts with my google page, Google appears to ignore me on searches where other nearby, and not so nearby, pages pop up and wave at searches where I ought to be figuring. Never mind. It’s only Google and they can’t even spell their own name correctly according to Legend, (good film, not a bad remake).

The good part about being well-versed in hypnotics is that I have already seen myself in the future, working just enough in a style that actually isn’t work at all. It’s also not too far away, though to be fair I haven’t seen myself holding up a calendar and pointing to a date. Suffice it to say, when I peer towards that future me, I still have hair.

The positives are still positive. The MP3 downloads for Chronic Pain, Migraine and Post-Surgery Healing have had some good feedback in the efficacy department and more on-line support groups are becoming interested. I have ideas bubbling for some more.

The key positive change has turned out not be a change at all. I was expecting a fork in the road or at least a cross-roads but no. What has actually turned up has been a path which drives directly between the twin highways of my current multi-career. I hypnotherapise clients and also train and assess in Financial Services (capitalising as it were, on my previous background). I enjoy both. One fulfils the technical geekiness that I seem to find easy to translate into English and the other allows me to help clients move forward in whatever their journey of development happens to be, in whatever way happens to suit them.

Strangely, the middle path just opened up in front of me on 21st June, which I’ve only just realised was the Summer Solstice so I can’t be quite as far gone as some would have me believe. According to a least one person very close to me, I am now a member of the cult of Cognitive Hypnotherapy. Maybe I should talk about it less enthusiastically.

I was in Bracknell, a place not renowned for revelations or miracles although it was the only place I have watched 4 families of Canada geese, complete with about 20 goslings, wait patiently for the lights at the pedestrian crossing and then cross the road. Well it was peak rush hour, so I suppose they were just being safe. Anyhow, having reconnected with a variety of companies I provide freelance training for, one of them called on my mobile and, rather than wanting my services for technical training of the Financial variety, wanted to know if I could write some face to face training for delegates who found professional qualifications time-consuming, stressful and to put it bluntly, pointlessly boring. He knew I was a Cognitive Hypnotherapist you see and wanted to know if there was anything I now knew that could be transferred into the technical learning sphere.

Well of course there could be! Much of the knowledge I’ve gained during my time at Quest in Regent’s University could easily be transferred into this.  Not only that but Trevor, the driving force behind Cognitive Hypnotherapy had honed his hypnotherapy skills whilst working as a trainer himself. As well as starting to pull my own ideas together I got in touch with Quest to see what resources they might have which could assist. I spoke with Jan, marvel that she is, on the 24th June who promptly told me that Universe was speaking to me and I should sit up and take notice. Quest’s three yearly cycle of master practitioner training events just happened to be running the very course I needed, that very weekend – only 5 days away.

Needless to say after much, well not much really, debate, I cancelled my trip to see my mother-in-law (sorry Sheila) and began the journey to what may well be a key part of my future. Over the 3 day course, idea after concept after technique kept slotting themselves into the gaps and bridged the gulf between the two areas I had thought would always remain separated.

So whilst I remain committed to helping clients through pain and stress and other difficulties, I see a future opening up where the help I now have the knowledge, (the skills were already in place), to give is to coach and train people in how to learn in a style that suits them. Most of are destined to learn in whichever way we happened to pick up whilst at school. We simply do it harder and for longer as the degree of complexity and difficulty increases and the exams get tougher and time becomes less available. It’s one thing learning ineffectively whilst in an education establishment, it’s another altogether when you’re trying to expand your full-time-consuming career. It’s like discovering you’re sailing in the wrong direction and putting up more sails to go faster and whatever you do, keep going straight ahead into the storm.

So a key strand which is already falling into place is training groups in effective learning techniques and coaching individuals where they find there are barriers to learning that they can’t get past. It’s applicable in the realm I usually train within, that of professional qualifications but is equally, and perhaps more importantly, applicable to those who are still within the education system.

Most curricula lack content which ensures that each individual is given the opportunity to discover how they learn best. We all receive, process and recall information in our own ways. We all learn differently but are all taught the same. Surely it’s important to give everyone the opportunity to discover their own path. Imagine how much more exciting and fulfilling learning would be. Who needs stress?

Whatever will you learn next?.

effective learning  & hypnosis MP3

Get over it…
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