My Future. Your vote counts:

I need your opinion!

These are 3 mock-ups of leaflets that I’m considering using.

I’ll use them to promote what I do when I give talks & perhaps to use as flyers to go through letterboxes.

They’ll be printed on postcards with some fantastically intriguing text on the reverse (which I haven’t written yet!).

It will be amazingly helpful if you could vote to let me know which is your favourite.

Check out the 3 leaflets below and vote using the Poll at the end of this post

Feel free to share this far & wide so I get as many opinions as is possible.


Leaflet #1:      ‘Stones’



Leaflet 2: ‘The Future’

The Future

Leaflet 3: ‘Vertigo’



Click one of the radial buttons to vote in the poll below!

Thank You!

See to find out what all the fuss is about….

14 thoughts on “My Future. Your vote counts:

  1. I am not sure how to judge these except for eye appeal. “Vertigo” makes me feel uncomfortable. “Stones” feels kind of bland. And “The Future” is the most appealing to me. It makes me feel good for some reason — just my opinions. Hope it helps.

    • Thanks! It definitely helps. All three are there for a reason and could work but it does boil down to the whether the way it makes someone feel is appropriate to encouraging them to pick the leaflet up and read it…
      …and maybe act on it too.
      Thanks again, Joe

  2. Hello Tony. Leaflet 3 — Vertigo — popped right out to me. For me, it is the most relevant photo brochure for hypnotherapy because both consciously and subconsciously, it triggers memories of childhood, if not days when we were younger and used to go to these amusement parks and ride these rides, etc. And isn’t that what hypnotherapy is all about? Going back? The second one was too vague and unforgettable. The first one was interesting, as it reminded me of the metaphor of taking small steps to get to where you want to go. But ultimately I voted for #3. Take care.

  3. The three of them are eye-catching. Quite beautiful in fact.

    I cannot make up my mind whether I should choose the first or the second one.

    The second one is more enticing, there is more “magic” in it, whereas the first one gives a sense of tranquility. Of stability and order. Probably more suitable for your purpose 😉

    • Hi Julien,
      Thanks for taking a look at these. I like all of them & think each would work in its own way (which is why they are all in this post). I’m really interested to find out what the WordPress community think.
      All the best

  4. Hi Tony,
    I equally like the ‘Stones’ and ‘The Future’. I voted for the Stones because they (and their surrounding) convey peace of mind, nature, and the absence of stress and distraction – the ideal setting for meditation and healing.
    ‘The Future’ is also very appealing – it’s more exciting (even arousing) and inspiring than calming.
    ‘Vertigo’ makes me feel sick.

    • Hi Heila,
      Thanks for voting! The Stones are proving to be the most popular. I took all 3 photos and it’s good to know that they provoke an emotional reaction.
      The Stones are on Lindisfarne beach, so maybe their spiritual surroundings are filtering through!
      Sending you my best thoughts for your future,
      All the best

  5. Definitely the stones, if I may have a say. Looks solid and grounded. I think that’s what people look for in a hypnotherapist. At least I would. Not a head spinning, stomach turning amusement park high-rise carousel or a danger looking flamy haze. LOL! 🙂 Peace!

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