Dancing to someone else’s tune

I love my job.
That’s something I feel very fortunate to be able to say and in no small part that’s down to leaping that leap of faith and trusting there was a path out there. Somewhere.
It took a bit of finding but thanks to multiple strands weaving their magic carpet threads, I found the right combination of both circumstance and people.
Here I am.
I’m on a train returning from the City, with a day of one to one coaching successfully done and more to come tomorrow. There’s a lot to cover in 2 days and the material’s dry enough at the best of times. So with an exam to top it all off on Wednesday, the pressure is firmly on my client. Top bloke by the way.
According to those in the know, including him, I’ve done well to keep him engaged for the full day. Apparently that’s a pretty difficult task. It’s a good job no-one told me, I might have found it difficult too, just to carry on the tradition.
The trick is to provide as much of that engagement in a language that reflects the soundtrack of his world, not mine. After all, I already know it, so what’s the point of regurgitating tricky information in a way that only makes sense to me?
The clues were everywhere. Office decor, his demeanor, the way he spoke, the language he used. The signed music posters, guitar cases and desktop PC speakers were the final  confirmation, as if confirmation were needed.
Introduce the source material so the theme plays out loud and clear. One sound bite at a time. Check that he hears what’s said and it sounds OK to him. Does it ring true? Can he replay it back to me? Only bring in the new layers of information when he can work it in harmony with what he’s already heard.
In short, whereas I would have painted the detail that fits into the picture, (if you see what I mean), I listened to what he was hearing and once I’d found the right notes, we danced the day to his tune.

9 thoughts on “Dancing to someone else’s tune

      • I have been listening to your Relaxation track last couple of nights. Do you do anything for self confidence?

        You are certainly talented at what you do. You could tell me anything and I would believe it! Ha ha 😀

      • Hi Jade,
        Welcome to a more relaxed world! I haven’t recorded a specific self confidence mp3 as yet. It’s on my development list!
        That said, the Mindfulness Meditation mp3 is excellent at helping with exactly this type of issue.
        Lack of self confidence & (other related issues) stem from either negative past experience or over concern at potential futures. These pop together & create ‘reality tunnels’ which spiral into lack of confidence.
        Mindfulness is a powerful reminder that neither the past nor the future are actually real & exist entirely in your mind. By reconnecting you with the present, you re-associate with the true worth of your own personality & skill. Not just that, the ‘present moment’ is extremely peaceful.
        I’d recommend trying it and seeing how effective it can be.
        Other than that, when do you want to book in to see me for therapy?!
        Wishing you all the best

      • Ha ha – thanks Tony! I’m on my way! 🙂

        Believe me, you would have your work cut out!

        Perhaps I will try that mindful meditation mp3 though – where do I get that from?

        Best, Jade x

      • I’m happy to have my work cut out, life is always better with a welcome challenge!
        Where do you live in the world? I bet it isn’t a short drive over to my house from yours…
        The mp3 is on my website, the same shop page as the relaxation mp3 but at the bottom of the page.
        Seriously though, if you were interested but face to face isn’t possible, Skype can be really effective too.
        Let me know what you think of the Mindfulness mp3. It’s best on headphones or earphones.

      • I will have to check it out then.

        I am in the UK too – Wiltshire. Not all that far away, but Skype would work.

        I will PM you on Facebook if that is okay?

    • Thank you! I’m sorry it’s taken so long for me to reply, it’s been a busy run up to Xmas. I’ll be accepting your award this weekend with a suitable post nominating others who deserve this too!
      Have a fabulous Xmas,

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