Mindfulness: What a Surprise

I’ve been away from blogging for a short while, which is a shame really as it’s something I enjoy. Here’s part of how I’ve been spending my time.

This is the article I wrote for my mental health well-being column in Only Peterborough magazine. If you fancy trying out mindfulness, I wrote a meditation mp3 to accompany the article. If you’re quick, there are still some free copies left. (If not, it’s really cheap anyway!). The free voucher code is ONLY25FREE.

The human brain is a sophisticated thought factory, churning out an astounding 70,000 thoughts every single day, sifting through multiple scenarios and choosing the best route forward: What colour to paint the walls? What to say in that interview? Which chocolate to buy? Most of these thoughts go completely un-noticed, dismissed without ‘you’ even being aware you thought them.

Usually this works well enough, getting you through today and into next week safe and sound. Sometimes though, these behind-the-scenes thoughts take hold leading to stress and anxiety.  You worry about the past but no matter how hard you wish, can’t go back and change it. Anxiety spins its negative thoughts around your future and your thought factory searches out all the ways everything could possibly go wrong.

Fortunately help is at hand. Mindfulness is the current cure-all of the moment, appearing in You Tube videos, Facebook pages, blogs and even articles in your local magazine! Whether you’re Tom Cruise’s character in The Last Samurai, (“Too many minds – No Mind”), an ex-monk on a Michael Mosley documentary or just plain you and me, Mindfulness works.

It has a simple underlying concept. Reality is what is happening right here, right now. The past has been and gone. The future hasn’t happened yet. Mindfulness reminds you of this, reconnecting you with what’s real.  

Scientific research even indicates that Mindfulness Meditation changes the make-up of your brain. It reduces the density of the amygdala, (key in processing emotional reactions), increases neural connections and helps control alpha rhythms which affect the sensations your body and mind pay attention to.

And here’s the best bit. Contrary to popular belief you don’t need years of practice, don’t need to do yoga or sit in the lotus position for hours on end. It can take as little as 10 minutes a day.

Give it a try. Go on. You deserve it.


Get your Mindfulness Meditation mp3 here: http://tonyburkinshaw.co.uk/shop

16 thoughts on “Mindfulness: What a Surprise

    • Hi Davie,
      I’m glad you like the recording – it’s the first one I’ve done where I designed absolutely everything in it, including the backing effects.
      Wishing you all the best

  1. I’ve recently started listening to guided meditation podcasts (mindfulness being one of the major themes) at bedtime. I’ve had almost a year of pretty bad insomnia, and it’s been the single most helpful thing I’ve tried. I think one of my biggest problems was not being able to shut my brain off. It’s helpful to have someone talk you through that process and assure you that you don’t have to think all the thoughts right now. I’m by no means a meditation expert, but I’ve been amazed at how helpful this simple exercise has been.

    • HI,
      thanks for commenting here. I’m delighted that you’ve found mindfulness to be useful for your insomnia. It is a surprisingly powerful tool and can be effective in many situations as it helps to reconnect your mind and body in the experiences that are actually happening (i.e. what is going on right now!)
      Did you try out my mp3? I’d be really interested in your feedback if you did.
      All the best

  2. I include a module on it in all my talks and workshops now- there ARE a lot of misconceptions about it! Good to know one more person is addressing them. Thx Tony.

    • It is good to know that others are on the same path, isn’t it? Did you try the mp3 – there are still a couple of free copies around if you fancy it ( use the code ONLY25FREE at the checkout).
      Wishing you the best

    • I’m pleased. I’m thinking about taking it further, both on the blog and doing new recordings. Mindfulness is really powerful. Did you try the mp3?
      All the best

  3. You don’t even understand how blessed I feel to have had you like one of my posts and then when I went to check out who you are I stumble upon this “Mindfulness” mp3 audio! I have suffered off and on with panic and anxiety disorder for years and it is usually brought on by major life changes. I am currently in the cycle again and so I have purchased what you offer. Can’t lose for only $1.99!! it was relaxing to me already. I am going to start listening to it upon awakening and hopefully my body will begin to relax again. It’s so tense all the time as if I’m expecting a catastrophe and then of course all of the other symptoms follow. I catch myself constantly with shoulders raised and very stiff. Thanks again!

    • Hi there!
      I am so pleased that the Mindfulness Meditation mp3 is working for you and that you found it at such a good time for you too. Sometimes the universe leads you in just the right direction!
      Mindfulness is incredibly powerful, especially in our westernised civilisation where we spend so much time worrying about the future or trying to change the past.
      I am writing and recording a specific relaxation mp3 for my website, to go with my next article in my mental-heath well-being column. It should be up on my website in about a week.
      …And it will be free!
      I do a lot of work with anxiety disorders, so if you need any more advice or help, do ask.
      I also run two twitter accounts, one is my hypnotherapy account (@TBtalks) and the other accompanies my Random Acts Of Kindness column (@RAK_UK) promoting, well,Random Acts of Kindness! Someone has to make the world smile!
      If you do tweet, it’d be great to see you there too.
      I wish you all the best & I’d love to hear how you get on with the mp3

      • Thanks Tony…I will look for the new one to be posted. Can’t wait! I do Twitter a little. Well at least my posts from my blog goes to it anyway. I will have to check out yours as well. I will definitely look forward to learning even more from your blog in regards to anxiety. I do know about and believe in cognitive therapy. It works everytime. It’s just getting past the fear itself which calms down the physical symptoms. I have found also that eating definitely helps or hinders in dealing with panic and anxiety. Thanks again friend!

      • I’m hoping to record it on Wednesday, so it should be on the website over the weekend. Cognitive therapy is good but I have always found that these therapies on their own tend to lack the ability to generate quick change. This is why I am firmly in favour of Cognitive Hypnotherapy because the hypnosis aspect allows a more direct communication to the unconscious mind to help it to alter the ways it tries to keep us safe (usually counter-productive in the modern day)!
        If you find the mp3 or blog is helpful, feel free to spread the word
        Wishing you the best

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