3-2-1: The Launch – A traditional offering…

Exciting Times! 

I suppose it’s been building up to this for a while and I almost can’t believe that the day has actually arrived. My website, (thanks to the sterling efforts of my web-building daughter, Katherine), now sports a brand new, spankingly-good Shop, containing brand new destruct-tested hypnotherapy recordings for you to download at your leisure… if you’re prepared to part with a modest sum for the privilege, of course. Distributor of words of almost-wisdom I may be but I can’t yet run to full-blown charitable works. Mouths to feed and all that.

As with all such enterprises, there are a multitude of people to thank and seeing as the most multitudinous of these multi-whatsits are those of you who are actually reading this post right now, here goes:


This blog has been invaluable in honing my thoughts and skills to the point where people I’ve never met in person were happy to trial these downloads for me and provide me with the feedback I needed to refine them to the point of, in my own modest way, perfection. Well, pretty close, anyway. You know who you are, all you trialling people and believe me it has been a pleasure to work with you. Thank you all extremely much.

Here are some snippets of feedback so far;

I have used the recording nonstop daily. It is now at the top of my list of things that work for controlling my degenerative disc disease, permanent nerve damage and chronic pain. I owe you so much!”

“For me personally the audio has been a blessing. Changes are happening (& being noticed by others) & it’s having a positive effect on me. I’d like to say a really big thank you.”

“The surgeon and nurses couldn’t believe how quickly the bruising disappeared after my operation”

Now, I know the how and why of all of this but I’m still in awe of the realisation that what I’ve learned might enable you to re-engage with such immense natural healing ability. The recordings are all based on what I’ve learned from helping my face to face clients which means that they cover chronic pain conditions, migraines, and healing after undergoing medical procedures.

So here’s where I really can give something back at last…

In recognition of all the help and inspiration I’ve had from everyone here on WordPress, I’d like to give you all access to a special discount just for you.

Until 31st August 2013, anyone who reads this post can get 40% discount on any of the Hypnotherapy downloads on my site.

Here’s what to do to:

  • Simply click on this link Tony Burkinshaw Cognitive Hypnotherapy Shop …
  • ‘add to cart’ whichever download or downloads you would like to have
  • enter the code PHSBF13 before you pay
  • and get a massive 40% off the price.
  • Download your chosen MP3s
  • Relax and give yourself the chance to heal

If you think any of your own blog-readers might benefit, all you need to do is re-blog this post and the same code will be available for all your readers as well, right up to 31st August this year.

Given the positive feedback I’ve had so far, you might be surprised at just how glad you are that you read this.

I know I am.

Over the next weeks and months I’ll be designing, writing and recording more downloads and gradually adding them to the Shop once they’ve been tested and refined.

As always, I welcome feedback. Especially on these.

Once again, many thanks and welcome to my brave new world.

Hypnotherapy MP3 Downloads

If only you could hear
© Tony Burkinshaw 2013

17 thoughts on “3-2-1: The Launch – A traditional offering…

  1. To all the followers of this Blog . . . please purchase! I am proof that this works! Simply amazing. At the top of my list of things that work for controlling my chronic pain!

    • Hi Dawn,
      thanks so much for the endorsement. I hope people do use them because we both know they work!
      All the best

      PS – do you think your own followers might benefit? If so, feel free to use the discount code with them. 😉

      • Good idea my friend. I’ll figure out a Blog putting it out there!

  2. As one with growing pain issues, no longer well regulated by medication, this looked like something I’d definitely look into. It sounds like meditation to me. Is there a difference? or is it just nomenclature?

    • Hi, thanks for the comments. You’re correct in thinking that hypnotherapy and meditation have similarities. However that aren’t the same thing at all. Meditation allows you to disengage from everyday trials and tribulations and to reconnect with your ‘self’. It is very useful in stimulating the mind-body connection.
      The key difference with hypnotherapy is that a whole variety of trance states (of which relaxed meditation is one) are utilized to guide that same mind-body connection in specific therapeutic directions.
      This can be especially useful with issues like chronic pain where relaxation can be a very difficult state to enter. Let’s face it, if you could relax at will, your pain would probably not be chronic.
      If you’re interested, I’m happy to converse more. It does sound as though you might find benefit in Cognitive Hypnotherapy.
      All the best

      • Thank you for offering to talk more. I suppose this isn’t something I could learn by myself, but that your products will teach me? Indeed I would be interested in knowing more. You may email me at barliman@att.net if you’d like to share more details.

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