Wow. What a day that was!

What a day that was!

What a day that was!

What a surprise when I opened up WordPress this morning

324 views yesterday!

That’s two best ever days in a row!


80 new followers in the last 48 hours


21 thoughts on “Wow. What a day that was!

    • Hi Bethane,
      I like being eloquent! So much nicer than long winded waffle, which I have been (nicely) accused of in the past!
      Wishing you all the best

  1. Pretty impressive! Now what was it I wrote about 5 minutes ago, agreeing to your point about first steps are better than nothing?!
    The whole thing about blogging ‘success’ is an interesting one that I’ve been mulling over for a while. Who determines what is successful – and what is successful?! For some people it’s about expressing themselves, for others it’s about ‘collecting’ likes and followers – whether they really like or are genuinely interested or not.
    I’ve just realised – this sounds like a bit of a dig. Please don’t take it that way as it’s really not intended to be. Just trying to put into words thoughts that haven’t really taken proper form yet.
    Blogging …. it’s a funny old game …..

    • Indeed.
      I started out about 7 months ago, never having written a blog and with only a couple of school magazine (paper leaflet) mini articles from my early teens.
      All I wanted to do was write about the amazing things I was learning about and the weird things that I was thinking about interconnecting hypnotherapy and my real world experiences.
      It seems that people are enjoying what I’m writing. I happen to be getting likes & followers but that wasn’t the purpose of what I’m writing for. (Don’t get me wrong,as it turns out, I really like getting the appreciation but it’s more that people seem to be relating to what I say and for some, it seems to help. Somehow it’s started to extend my ability to reach out & help. I never expected this – but I’m loving it.
      Thanks for the comments
      Wishing you all the best

      P.S. What dig? I never even saw a dig?

      • Of course people enjoy what you’re writing about – there is so much that we can relate to! I think it’s really fantastic that your blog ‘reaches out’ to others – what a wonderful way to be able to help and spread little comfort and/or happiness.

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