If this is more than nothing…

“Anything more than nothing is progress.”

I heard that more than once over the last year from someone who I’d like to think is now a good friend of mine. You know who you are, (as does every Questie reading this).

I read this post today whilst searching for something for the mid-week re-blog and wanted a post that was different from the others. I hadn’t found Valerie’s blog before but this post struck a chord as I have recently been through that blank spot where there just didn’t seem to be anything there. As Valerie succinctly puts it, when you’re trying to get momentum back, doing something, anything, matters far more than the outcome.

I’ve known many people over the years, myself included, who didn’t do that something simply because the first something was bound to be less than good, beautifully missing the point that the first few somethings are not the result, just steps to get you on the way.

Whether it’s getting fitter, eating healthier, writing blogs, overcoming depression or anxiety, sometimes we refuse to take that first step because it obviously won’t be enough to do the job. We don’t think beyond that first step.

The whole point of the first step is that before you took it, you weren’t moving. Now you are.

Anything more than nothing is progress.

Sometimes that’s the most important lesson my client’s learn.

Sometimes it’s the most important thing I forget to remember. But don’t worry.

I’m taking steps.

Click here to read Valerie’s blog

Obvious, I know© Tony Burkinshaw 2013

Obvious, I know
© Tony Burkinshaw 2013

10 thoughts on “If this is more than nothing…

  1. Agree completely and love the sentiment – just a wisp of progress should be considered a triumph, particularly when dealing with mental health.

    • Hiya,
      thanks for taking the time to comment. Sometimes a small steps is al that’s possible. Each one should be celebrated.
      Of course, massive jumps can happen too…
      All the best

    • Hi Trisha,
      I’m really pleased it helped. Take those tiny steps. Once they become a habit, all of a sudden when you look back, you might find they weren’t so small after all…
      Many thanks for commenting. (I’ve just started following your blog by the way)
      All the best

  2. I’ll stick my hand up and admit to not doing something because it wouldn’t be good enough, grand enough, achieve enough – and then what’s the point? ….. but as you say, that IS the point – it may not be good enough but it’s a step and waaaay better than nothing!

    • Hi Noeline,
      Exactly! A lot of us do this. We avoid the possibility of failure or ridicule or simply that won’t be the best (what in the whole world?) and all that stuff.
      Most of the time, this is ought to be about doing something only because we want to. If people appreciate then OK. If not, so what, we weren’t doing it for them anyway.
      Wishing you all the best
      PS I’m about to read your next comment!

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