Exciting times & the breakfast of champions

So in a way, everything has brought us to this point.

My training throughout last year; the start of this, my first ever blog discussing the weird and wonderful things I’ve learnt; all the way through to graduation and launching myself headlong into a new career as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist: [with actual paying clients, I might add!]

So here I find myself, new business up and running and gently progressing through its soft-launch, as the marketing strategists amongst you might recognise, shortly after my return from a short-break in down-town Marrakech to announce some exciting milestones.

  • My blog has just had its 4000th view: many thanks indeed.
  • My article for Perception Ezine (Spring issue) has been accepted.


  • Today is the launch of my Cognitive Hypnotherapy website!

Here’s the link to Tony Burkinshaw Cognitive Hypnotherapy. So if you have the time and the inclination, I’d love it if you’d take a look. Something I firmly believe in and try to live by is that feedback is the breakfast of champions, so if you do take a look and find that there’s anything you’d like to say, (or indeed that you think I need to hear), please comment in the box below.

It would be great to hear from you whether it’s good, bad or just plain ugly, although obviously I prefer the good! I’ll listen to what you say and may well make adjustments as I go.

Onwards, upwards and perhaps slightly sideways…

Swimming Pool of Kings

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5 thoughts on “Exciting times & the breakfast of champions

  1. Congratulations. i took a look at your website… I’m no pro, but from a user of the web POV, I really like your site… easy to digest, easy on the eye, easy to use! All good things 🙂

    • Hi, many thanks for taking a look, it’s especially useful to get feedback from someone who isn’t a pro as this is who my clients will be!
      All the best

    • Hi Harshani,
      glad you like it, it’s taken a while to get together.
      Sorry it’s been so long we we met up, life got a little hectic! Hopefully Gill & I can invite you over soon!
      All the best to you & Edd

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