This was written just for YOU…

I like to think I’m reasonably self aware. That over the years, especially the last one, I learned a lot about what makes me tick. So I should be able to spot an accurate picture of me fairly easily and smell out tarot-style, horoscopic-astrology a mile off. Right?

Then, as you do, or at least as I do and you might do, (never assume), I was reading posts from the blogs I now routinely follow as there’s often some fabulous ideas amongst them. Good old Scott has gone and done it again.

This time, as I was part way through the first paragraph, I found myself thinking that I must have stumbled on a post designed specifically for my personality type, that Scott was targeting a particular readership. Then I remembered that we’re talking about Scott here. Scott likes to challenge his readers. At least, that’s how I see it. Maybe he’s just challenging me.

Now I may have learned a lot over the years but mostly what I’ve learned is that people are people and like it or not, that includes me. And therefore I’m wired up the same way, (no really, I am), so I’m susceptible to those same psychological prompts and prods even though I might like to think I’m immune. As it turns out, I’m not. Neither are you. That should keep me on my toes.

Read on.

This post was written just for you…

I Know You.

Nothing gets past me© Tony Burkinshaw 2013

Nothing gets past me
© Tony Burkinshaw 2013

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