The folly of perfection

As I write more posts and more of you read them, (many thanks by the way and I’m glad you keep coming back for more, although if this is your first visit equal thanks and I hope you’re entertained enough to pay a return visit later), I try to keep up my original stance with blog writing.

I’m writing this blog because I’ve discovered I may have a talent for putting my thoughts into words in an entertaining way but mainly because I want other people to read what I write.

My original stance, so my logic told me, was that if I want people to read what I’m writing then I should realise that all those many thousands of WordPress users and beyond are writing their own blogs because they also want to be read.

So I read posts. I try to read some every day. I’ve found some that I follow, just as others are following me, (now that really did surprise me). Some I ‘like’ if they’re entertaining or force me to think and others I’ll comment on, offering my perspective on what they’ve written. Somehow it’s a bit like joining in.

Usually, if I leave a comment, the blog writer will comment back. I do the same, always trying to return the compliment of making time to communicate, even if the original comment isn’t as flattering as my ego might have hoped. It’s beginning to feel as though there’s a community out there and some of them are starting to recognise me.

Imagine my surprise as I read this next post…

The folly of perfection

Just what I need…
© Tony Burkinshaw 2012


12 thoughts on “The folly of perfection

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  2. Thank for stopping by. I respect that you like to be forced to think, you’re in good company. 🙂

    • Hiya,
      many thanks for the comment and for stopping by at my blog. It’s god to have to look at things another way, even if sometimes you don’t want to.
      All the best for the New Year

  3. Thanks for reading my blog. Writing a blog forces us to think, but so often when we read we do so passively. I rarely comment on blogs partly because if I don’t think that my comment is “just right” then it is not good enough. However your recent post and your link have reminded me of the importance of acknowledging others and engaging with them. The act of response can be as important as the words. The folly of perfection is also a timely reminder that if we wait for things to be perfect then we may never act and that would be a greater folly. Thanks again for reading.

    • Hi Sara,
      Many thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it.
      Perfection is indeed one of our cultures obsessions and I feel is frequently used as an excuse not to act or to try.
      Onwards for 2013, I hope it’s a good one

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