Why Ten Commandments?

Just when I was thinking that I hadn’t found anything that sparked my off-centre imagination for the second instalment of my well-established 8 day old weekly re-blog, I found fiftyshedsofgraham:  ‘a man, a shed, and way too much spare time’.

With a writing style to keep you entertained and wondering where it all might lead, I have a feeling you’re going to enjoy this one. You might find you’ll end up reading more of his blog.

‘Why Ten Commandments?’ explores the extent to which our fundamental morality is based on nothing more than the evolutionary chance that we are bi-pedal and deca-digital.

As a student of Cognitive Hypnotherapy this leads me to the interesting thought that maybe there’s an unexplored branch of therapy based on clients viewing their issues through the mind of … well, read on.

Why Ten Commandments?

It’s a matter of perspective
© Tony Burkinshaw 2012

5 thoughts on “Why Ten Commandments?

  1. Well most people have 10 toes too, so is this leading up to the joke about Moses dropping one of the tablets on the way down the mountain? You know, like the Mel Brook’s movie, “History of the World – Part 1”?

  2. Tony, thanks for reposting the blog. It’s reassuring to know that it’s not just me who finds what I write vaguely interesting.


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