Acute Stress Disorder in Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit

Why do we insist on feeding our children’s impressionable minds with stories full of deep and fearful terrors.

Maybe it’s to keep my future career in good supply by subtly promoting the prevalence of stress and anxiety through our most popular children’s books. Most people are aware that many old fairy tales are based on some really quite dark medieval fables but even some of our more recently established children’s authors appear to subscribe to the same underlying themes without us really noticing.

Occasionally, I read posts that make me sit up and take notice and which I think you would like to read too. I’ve decided that if I come across such a beast then I’ll post it midweek as an optional extra. But only if I think it’s worth it, so don’t expect one every week.

This one deserves to be first.

I came across this blog about a month ago and have been looking for the best way to bring it your attention. Peter Galen Massey analysed Peter Rabbit who, it seems, is exhibiting the typical symptomology of acute stress disorder. Check it out, it’s a great read and as Peter (GM, not Rabbit) told me; “that Mr McGregor is a pretty scary dude”

click this link: acute-stress-disorder-in-beatrix-potters-peter-rabbit

Enjoy & I’ll be posting again this weekend. See you then.


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© Tony Burkinshaw 2012


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